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Creating the shed of floral dreams – a little photo diary

Last summer, in the midst of the first lockdown, Mike and I decided that after nine years of working off dining room tables or on desks shoe-horned into our teeny, tiny spare bedroom, it was time to try and create a bigger space to work from.

Mike is on the phone ALOT for work and my non-floristry work is (very quiet) research and writing based. It was often difficult to concentrate while Mike talked to clients for a huge part of the day. He’d probably say the same about his inability to concentrate while I listened to endless repeats of my current music obsession.

When the whole world became obsessed with Zoom when lockdown hit, Mike spent so much of his day talking – re-working and re-jigging projects that the pandemic had slightly scuppered. I wore headphones a lot of the time.

We’ve also both hankered for a space forever where we could be creative – me for my floristry and gardening things (then just a hobby and not a real job) and Mike for his music and printmaking. Mike wanted a studio. I wanted a shed a floral dreams.

Over the last six months our good friend Toby has created our exciting space at the bottom of our garden. He even gave us our much desired dividing wall and door. My space is filled with flowers and plants, old furniture and books. It’s the perfect place to run my fledgling Bude Botanical business from. Mike’s half is filled with music paraphernalia and printmaking equipment. Neither of us has worn headphones since we moved in. It’s the stuff that good marriages are made of.

Here’s how it took shape: