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April Flowers in April Showers

It’s been the rainiest winter I’ve ever known. This morning I walked the dog, in a woolly hat, a winter coat, and it lashed with rain. Again. The wind blew wild and we admired the brave surfers, still wearing their winter hoods and boots in the messy white water aftermath of Storm Kathleen.  We bumped … Read more

Investing my time in the future of our planet

The endless rain in Cornwall this winter (apparently there have only been around 15 dry days since October!) has been a bit of a challenge. The benefits of living in Cornwall usually come into their own during the winter months, when the holiday makers are mainly tucked up elsewhere, and we get our beloved beaches … Read more

The surprising impact of your wedding day flowers

How is it possible that your wedding day flowers could cause any harm to the environment or to the communities in which they grow? How can something so lovely, so much a part of our lives and celebrations, not be anything other than, well, just beautiful? The truth is that the beauty and ‘naturalness’ of … Read more