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Perhaps we need to talk about Valentine’s Red Roses

Red and white roses with green foliage

As I sit and marvel at the price of red roses on sale through our wholesalers at this time of year, I have decided that at Bude Botanical I’m not going to sell them at all this Valentine’s Day. (Other flowers and plants will be available, I hasten to add). The red rose decision could … Read more

Make your own planted Christmas wreath

If you have ordered one of our planted wreath kits, then I promised you a little ‘how to video’ and here it is. Blue Peter presenter I am not! Anyway, enjoy your planting up. If you would still like to order a kit then they are available in the online shop and I can deliver … Read more

Trying to run a sustainable floristry business

If this week’s UN report on climate change didn’t scare the bejesus out of all of us, then frankly I don’t know what will. Mike and I have spent today knocking about with some ideas about trying to do better. Our list is long, some of it is expensive, but we’ll start this month with … Read more

The healing garden

Some of you may know that I spent quite a lot of my pre-floristry working life writing for a living. I still do, from time to time, and some of it gets used by my clients, some of it gets published, and some, like this bit here, just floats around on my computer and never … Read more

Time for Change?

When I set out on my floristry journey 18 months ago, my tutors at the British Academy of Floral Art will, I am sure, remember me being the chippy one at the back, always asking how something might be done in a more planet friendly fashion. To their credit, they always made time to talk … Read more

A gardening florist

Anyone who knows me well knows that I adore gardening. My garden is never perfect and will, I think, always be a work in progress. I have gardened for years now, and like most gardeners I have just learnt along the way – my mam is a font of knowledge, as is my friend Kerry. … Read more

Finding the positives

As we wait to see in the new year it’s all gone a bit apocalyptic again hasn’t it? We’d booked a little family day of culture at Tate St Ives tomorrow, a little last hurrah of art and good coffee before we got locked down again. We thought it might help tide us over until … Read more